Create a Social Event to Avoid Employee Burnout. In other words…….. Paaaaarty!

Have you noticed inconsistent levels of productivity of your employees; up one day, down the next? Are they feeling the blues and falling into a rut? Or, are they feeling stressed out and heading to burnout because of their work environment? Burnout is related to employees feeling overwhelmed or under-appreciated. Perhaps they have become bored or unclear of their job duties and responsibilities.

Here are some common signs of employee burnout:

  • Your employees have called in sick more frequently than normal
  • Your employees are coming in later than usual and leaving earlier
  • You can sense a tone of frustration in their voice or they are short with customers

As a business owner or manager, it is your responsibility to balance what we believe are the two most important fundamentals of leadership: communication and motivation.

Social events are a great way to motivate and bring harmony back to the workplace. A social event such as a lazer tag tournament, monthly happy hours, or even a monthly team bowling league is a great way to build stronger bonds with co-workers, out of, and in the work environment.

As an alternative to the expensive country club or hotel reception, why not think out of the box and consider an annual August costume-bowl-a-thon as the highlight of your holiday party or sales meeting? How about hosting a fundraiser for your favorite company charity or cause?

A social event is a valuable networking tool to further foster relationships, but it must work in tandem with an effective communications plan. It is important that everyone understands their job descriptions and responsibilities. Weekly or monthly meetings, newsletters, or company blogs should be issued regularly to keep staff and co-workers informed and, more importantly, engaged. If an employee is not connected they will disengage. Burnout will negatively affect your productivity and employee morale.

At FunFuzion, we practice what we preach. Every month we have “Staff Appreciation Day,” which offers staff their choice of free amusements with family or friends in addition to daily meal discounts. Consider creating a social event as one of your tactics to engage your employees. We are conveniently located in downtown New Rochelle, and our facility has been hosting unique corporate events for over seventeen years between regional sales meetings, product launches, holiday parties, team building outings, and fundraisers. If you can envision the event, we can help create it. We are not just a place…we are an experience!