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Party on a Budget at FunFuzion

The pressure is on. In as little as three months, or even three weeks, you have to find the right venue for your company's annual event. Whether it's a sales meeting, regional training session, product launch, or holiday bash, you are at the helm this year and WOW! You feel the weight of the world [...]

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The Exciting History of Bowling

Bowling can be traced all the way back to Ancient Egypt in 5200 B.C., thanks to items that were found in a child’s tomb. The very first equipment included nine pieces of stone and a “ball,” which would be rolled through a marble archway towards the stones. Bowling pins weren’t used until the 17th century, [...]

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We Can Beat Employee Burnout!

Create a Social Event to Avoid Employee Burnout. In other words…….. Paaaaarty! Have you noticed inconsistent levels of productivity of your employees; up one day, down the next? Are they feeling the blues and falling into a rut? Or, are they feeling stressed out and heading to burnout because of their work environment? Burnout is [...]

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A Different Kind of Team-Building

It’s always nice when the boss says “let’s celebrate the holiday,” but many businesses don’t have this luxury because the holiday happens to be their busiest time of the year. On the flip side, the economy in recent years has been in a state of flux; so many organizations cut out this perk all together. [...]

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