What is a FUZE CARD??

FUZE CARD is the epic card where
ALL of your E-Smiles, Credits, AND
Entitlements are stored!!!! You can use the 
 throughout the FUNFUZION facilty
for games, rides, attractions, AND food!

E-Smiles….What’s THAT!!!???

E-Smiles are a form of “electronic tickets” that can be used to redeem AWESOME PRIZES at our Redemption Center (aka our Prize Center) located in the Fun House. Since they are “electronic”, they go directly on to your FUZE CARD! and since there paperless we are saving the planet too ! With the exception of Token Games, where you have to swipe after you play to get your E-Smiles!

Fuze Card | FunFuzion - New Roc City - New Rochelle, NY | Bronx & Westchester County Fun Center & Birthday Parties

What are CREDITS Exactly???

Well… We’re glad you asked! Credits are the conversion of your money to play at FUNFUZION! Your FUZE CARD holds credits and with credits you can use it for anything within the Facility… For example, you can use your credits for:

Please check out our PRICING Page for how a FUZE CARD is used!

Okay… what are ENTITLEMENTS then???

Entitlements are something you earn that entitles you to play or ride a specific attraction. You gain entitlements from coupons or specific packages.

What are your HOURS???

Hours can depend on what venue you’re in and what day of the week it is. Because FUNFUZION is open EVERY DAY of the year (I know… we’re AWESOME!), our hours are subject to change. Just click on our HOURS PAGE to find out our current hours!

When are you CLOSED????

We NEVER CLOSE! We’re open 365 days a YEAR…. Well, 366 days on a leap year… You can always check our HOURS PAGE to find out our current hours!

Wait….does that mean you’re open on HOLIDAYS???

Yes. We may open and/or close a little early or late depending on the holiday,
but we will always inform you through our HOURS PAGE.

So, where are you LOCATED exactly???

Our address is:
29 LeCount Place,
New Rochelle, NY 10801

You can also check out our DIRECTIONS PAGE located in the drop down menu of our “ABOUT” section.

FunFuzion Policies

FunFuzion Policies